Episode 1:

Show us Your D(ebt)

It starts with a D and comes in various sizes…CHILL. We’re talking about debt. Taking on debt, erasing debt… everything debt. In one golden episode.

Episode 2:

The B Word

Hot takes on budgets. Prepare to be mind-blown. Spoiler Alert: Budgets are #cancelled.

Episode 3:

Investing for Virgins

Investing is like shopping for your future. Listen to this episode so you don’t end up shopping at a dumpster fire. We’ve got a bunch of pro tips, even if you don’t know what a 401k is yet.

Episode 4:

Getting Financially Naked

Getting money is our love language, and it’s time to get financially naked with those who may be in your future. Getting money = talking about money. It might be awk the first time, but it gets better. Promise.

Episode 5:


Do you have a financial advisor? Didn’t think so. Financial advisors do just what their title suggests, and oh so much more. It’s time to start thinking bigger.

Episode 6:

Retire Your Old Ass

Retirement is the greatest party of your life, but only if you can afford the cover charge. Your friends can’t spot you on this one. Get your money.

Episode 7:

Can We All Just Get A Loan?

Borrowing money can be a really smart thing to do but only if you really know what you’re doing. On this episode, we’re answering some of the most commonly asked questions about loans.

Episode 8:

Freelancers Guide to Finance

Freelancers run their own empires, and we’re here to make sure those empires don’t crumble because of some lame ass accounting error. Also! Pointers on taxes, being a boss, and owning your sh*t.

Episode 9:

U Deserve Some Credit

We all *feel* a way about credit cards and credit scores. But do we actually *understand* credit cards and credit scores? Good question. Listen and learn.

Episode 10:

Taxes Suck

SEASON FINALE! Uncle Sam is thirsty. But on this episode, we talk about why you shouldn’t be afraid of the IRS and how to take taxes on like a pro.